As parents or carers you are the most important educators in your child's life and as a setting we aim to support you in this role.

Every term you’ll be sent a newsletter which will tell you about what’s planned for the weeks ahead. This  includes information on opportunities to get more involved in your child's experience with us. We sometimes ask that you send your child to a session with something particular to help make the activity particularly enjoyable. We try to keep these requests to a minimum but we are a charity and asking families to donate materials etc does help us to improve the children’s time with us.

Under 3's children and those older not collected by parents have a home/ preschool diary which we aim to write something in every session so you get a glimpse of what your child has been doing. You should also use it to keep us informed of your child's developments. Parents/carers are able to see a snapshot of the days activities via our daily display.

We have a Facebook group that parents/ carers of current children can join. The aim of the group is to provide you with more information on what the children have been doing. It is a moderated group so if you’d like to join please talk to a member of staff.

We have an open door policy and welcome your questions at any time. Three times a year we offer the opportunity to have a longer chat with your child's key worker.

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