Let’s have fun and learn at home together!


Don’t be scared!!!  You are already learning together with your child at home ALL THE TIME!!!


The aim of this page is to give you some additional ideas, activities and links that can support you in these unprecedented times of staying home and staying safe!!

Home learning has always been an important factor on a child’s learning and development, we can work together to support this. :)


As Parents / Carers, you are the primary teacher in your child’s life, influencing their thoughts, feelings and experiences in the world. Your support and encouragement with their learning will have a positive effect on their development.

Research has shown that the influence of parental involvement can have a major impact on school readiness and attainment levels from birth right up to sixteen years old.  


There are many ways you can extend and support your child’s learning at home. Minimal input of resources and time can still heavily influence their learning. Easy low cost activities such as regular reading at home or singing nursery rhymes can support children’s basic language skills; whilst offering experiences such as exploring your natural environment and / or the local community (obviously following government guidelines – safely as part of your daily exercise) can build a child’s understanding of the world and support a range of areas such as maths and physical development.


Let’s have some fun!!