Here you will find copies of all our policies and procedures. They cover everything from Equal Opportunities to what illnesses your child shouldn’t attend pre-school with. If you ever have any questions about our policies or procedures please ask a member of  staff.

Policies and Procedures 2018-19 march 19

Recent updates to our Whistle Blowing Policy;

Who can it be disclosed to?
The legislation encourages disclosure to the employer in the first instance. A disclosure is protected if it is made to:
1. The employer, i.e. The Management Committee. This would normally be to the designated officer or the Chair
2. Someone to whom the employer, under its disclosure policy, authorises disclosure to be made; Designated Person (Emma Flack) or Deputy Designated Person (Tracey Jacobs or Hayley Dewsbury), Member of the committee responsible for safeguarding – Ruth Cooper, or Chair of the Committee (Barbara Sealey).
3. A person other than the employer whom the employee or worker believes in good faith has a legal responsibility for the matter e.g. the Local Authority Designated Officer or NSPCC Whistleblowing Advice Line.
4. A legal advisor.

Recent update to our Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Policy

Our SENCO is Beth Emms.


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