Get more involved

Longleaze pre-school and nursery is a charity. This means we don’t make a profit and have limited amounts of money. It also means we are run by volunteers and have lots of ways for people to get more involved. The day to day running of the setting is done by our fantastic staff team but it’s the committe that has the overall responsibility for the setting. Talk to any member of staff or a committee member to find out more. You can also contact the committee on email

The committee

You’ve probably heard of school Governors and a school PTA. Well, the pre-school committee is kind of like both of these rolled into one. As well as raising funds for the setting the committee is responsible for the successful running of the setting both in the short and long term. The committee employs the staff, makes sure the setting manages its money well, looks after health and safety, keeps an eye on safeguarding the children and all the other aspects of running the setting.

The committe is made up mainly of parents but other people who are interested in the setting can join. No one is paid for this role. The committee usually meets once a month and discusses everything involved in running the setting.

Joining the committee is a great way to have a real say in the organisation and management of the setting. You get much more of a sense of what’s happening when your child is with us. It’s also a good way to meet more parents/ carers and while it’s a lot of responsibility it’s also a good way of picking up some new skills and experiences.


Because we are a charity we have limited amounts of money so we hold regular fundraising events to raise extra money. Coming along to these events really helps to support our work. As with any event it needs people ‘behind the scenes’ to make it work. We know different people feel confident doing different things so there are different ways you can get involved. You could help on a stall on the day, fill jars with sweets or ask local businesses for donations. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to raise money so if you’ve got an idea that will help us bring in some more money please don’t keep it to yourself. If you could also organise it that would be great, but if not we can find people who can.


You can get more involved in actually working with the children by volunteering with us. A couple of members of our current staff team got involved having volunteered first. If you might be interested in volunteering talk to Emma about whether a role is currently available.