BLAST stands for ‘Boosting Language Auditory Skills and Talking’.

Why is talking and listening important?

  • Children who find talking and listening difficult find it hard to get on well at school
  • Children learn by using new words, listening to others, turn taking and watching
  • Children who can take about their words are less frustrated and have fewer behaviour problems
  • Children with good talking and listening skills do better with reading, writing and problem solving


  • A programme for all 3-year-olds (although we’ve found it works well for all ages)
  • Very short daily sessions of half an hour, run for 6 weeks
  • Run by nursery or playgroup staff
  • Sessions which teach children listening, memory, turn taking and group work skills

What happens in a BLAST session?

  • Hello song
  • Listening lotto
  • Story
  • Language activity
  • Rhyme

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